My Story: Exploring The Mysteries

  I love exploring the mysteries of life. When I was 17, I lost my mom to cancer. A year later, I found out I wasn’t able to have children. Two things I counted on in my life were gone. It was clear I wasn’t going to have a neat […]

Cricket Wingfield, MD

3 Ways To Keep Some Sweet Summer in Your Frantic Fall (Tip #2)

Tip #2: Create Bite-Sized Milestones OK, by now you’ve gotten clear on your goals, written them down, and started visualizing them. Pretty fun, right? Today’s tip is to bring some summertime ease in because I don’t want you to get all serious about these… and psych yourself out. So, take […]

3 Ways To Keep Some Sweet Summer in Your Frantic Fall (Tip #1)

Now, I’m all for living in the moment—but summer’s shift into fall can stir up a little sadness for me. Does it for you? The alarm goes off way too early on mornings that are so dark. The store displays fill with cozy sweaters and heavy raincoats. And you’ve got […]

5 Ways to Reclaim Your Day (When it’s Gone Completely SOUTH)

Are you having one of those days where you’re so SCATTERED and have SO MUCH to do that you don’t get ANYTHING done? Ouch! I feel your pain! It’s not easy running a home and a business. You’ve got kids’ schedules, list-building and food prep; laundry and client calls; networking, […]

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Self Care and Productivity

I get asked all the time how to manage time and energy when growing a business. Where do I always start? Self Care. Yes, it’s the very first thing. Radical self-care. An absolute commitment to yourself. First. I’m too busy, that’s selfish, I’ve got too much to do! Sound familiar? […]

Being a Leader in Your Own Life

Until a few years ago, I looked outside for leaders. After all, a leader has traditionally referred to someone who commands a group, organization, or country. Unless you are holding a title, you may not see yourself as a leader, but I profess there is one inside of you. A […]