Cricket’s Manifesto


I believe it’s possible for all of us to live in a world where:




We know and deeply trust what we’re here to do so we can freely and generously share our best gifts.

We’re curious, welcoming and excited in our work and play.

We practice radical self-care and find a little magic every day.

The more freedom and joy we feel, the more money we make.

We maximize our human experience because (as far as we know) we only get this one ride–we make it awesome.

We choose to show up fully in our own business and take the fastest route to self-expression, self-awareness and transformation.

We work super-productively in our genius—no longer spinning our wheels or staying stuck in the wrong questions.

We’re happy.

We have a whole new relationship with fear because it’s here to wake us up, not stop us.

We know that having what we want and being our most alive self is the opposite of selfish.

We give from a full cup.

We choose to step up again when life knocks us around.

We muster all the joy and passion we can every day, and it gets easier the more we do it.



We no longer need to numb out, make excuses or live beyond our means.

We claim our own power and abilities and shine our light brightly.

We pay attention to what we are for, instead of of what we’re against.

We exist in the beautiful flow of giving and receiving.

Whether on stage or at the back of the room, we know we are leaders making an impact at every moment.

We play bigger every day, and are fully responsible for all that shows up in our life. No blame, no judgment, no excuses.

We get to live on this amazing planet and leave it in better shape than we found it.

We know the magic and the moment are as important as the bottom line.

We regularly have challenging, loving conversations and keep doing whatever it takes for us to grow.

We find time for the people and experiences that matter most.

We know that we are our life essence… we aren’t our stuff.

And when we’re on our death beds, we’ll be saying, “Wow, I loved my life!”