Asking ‘What If?’

Asking More Wonderful “What Ifs?”

I know all about staying really, really busy—I did it for years. I was a doctor with a dream house and an exciting marriage and stepkids and great vacations… I was very good at taking care of it all. And that relentless “let’s get shit done” way of being cost me a whole lot—including my health, my fitness and my marriage.

The big problem is that my main motivation back then was my ongoing chorus of “what ifs?” along with a host of dreadful imagined catastrophic endings:

What if I lose my job?
What if the stock market plummets again?
What if I this patient doesn’t get better?

These questions fueled my constant state of work-work-work. Until I finally slowed down and looked around at what I was doing—and the big mess I’d made.

I started studying how to live my life more meaningfully. I mastered new tools for getting my work done, so I could include other things I loved in my day. I started taking good care of myself. I started doing more art and spending time with my family and friends.

Then I started teaching productivity—but not simply for the sake of simply being more productive and “getting shit done.”

I started teaching because I love what being more productive and prioritizing my day gives me…

I dream more.

I focus on the magnificent life I’m creating.

I play in my garden.

I make art.

I listen better.

I cook for my friends.

I act before I react.

And I ask “What if?” in a whole, new way.

Today’s “What Ifs?” might go like this:

  • What if I could paint for an hour in the afternoon?
  • What if I could build my business and still go on spiritual retreats each quarter?
  • What if I felt excited every morning and refreshed at the end of every day?

My friend Conde Bartlett introduced me to this new spin on the “what if” game—sans the old, familiar catastrophic outcome.

I love sharing tools with my clients, and this has become one of my favorites.

Here are some of their wonderful what-ifs:

  • What if I figured out how to have a thriving biz and had time in the day for family and yoga?
  • What if I put enough magic into this new product that ideal clients were attracted easily and quickly?
  • What if I could let go of my past baggage and effortlessly do my work in the world?

(Now, what if you asked yourself questions like this every day?) If you’d like to have a conversation about upleveling your “What Ifs,” just click here to book a spot. LINK

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