What Being More Productive Doesn’t Do

Productivity and Your Free Spirit

When I tell people I’m a productivity coach, they sometimes ask if working with me will make them even more busy—or dull their “free-spirit” way of being in the world.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Being more productive doesn’t get you more busy or more overwhelmed.
  • Being more productive doesn’t grow your to-do list insanely long.
  • Being more productive doesn’t dull your sparkly free spirit.
  • Being more productive won’t make you into more of a people-pleaser.
  • Being more productive doesn’t force you to get 1000 more things done in a day.
  • Being more productive doesn’t mean you completely clean the house before 5 a.m. (Unless that’s what you really want to do!)

I am in love with what I call the “magic of productivity,” because here’s what it does do….

  • Being more productive allows you to PUT YOUR MIND DOWN at the end of your workday.
  • Being more productive releases you from stress-inducing ways of working that are SUCKING THE LIFE out of you.
  • Being more productive means you show up the way you want (SPACIOUS, RELAXED, EXPANSIVE) with your clients and customers.
  • Being more productive lets you take AMAZING CARE of yourself so you can stop missing deadlines, being late, and working until midnight.
  • Being more productive gives you so much MORE TIME for what you really love.
  • Being more productive frees you to be more of a FREE SPIRIT than you ever dreamed possible.

Curious to learn what’s possible for your magnificent life when you master the magic of productivity?

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