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Asking ‘What If?’

Asking More Wonderful “What Ifs?” I know all about staying really, really busy—I did it for years. I was a doctor with a dream house and an exciting marriage and stepkids and great vacations… I was very good at taking care of it all. And that relentless “let’s get shit […]

Ten Great Questions…

10 Great Questions To Ask When You’re Procrastinating Ugh! There’s not a lot that’s more frustrating than having a TON of things to do and procrastinating on that one damn, mucky, sticky task. Has this ever happened to you? Maybe it’s writing your blog or making a sales call or […]

Avoid the Entrepreneurial Spin-Out (Part 2)

Project Planning Primer, Part 2 We entrepreneurs often attempt to move four or five footballs down the field at a time. If you’ve got a big project to complete, that is starting to make you spin out, let’s keep the focus on just ONE FOOTBALL. Every project has a Project […]

Avoid the Entrepreneurial Spin-Out (Part 1)

  Project Planning Primer, Part 1 I’m a planning and productivity coach, but I’m not interested in teaching you how to do MORE and MORE and MORE.   I want to help you show up fully and powerfully present to the tasks in your day—yes, so you can reach their […]


  September: All that beautiful fresh energy, new office supplies, the renewed urgency of reaching your goals by year-end. Then, October…. Things start to feel challenging. Heavy. It gets dark earlier. Mornings are chilly. You take longer to get going.   Maybe you’re working late because you didn’t get things […]

3 Ways To Keep Some Sweet Summer in Your Frantic Fall (Tip #2)

Tip #2: Create Bite-Sized Milestones OK, by now you’ve gotten clear on your goals, written them down, and started visualizing them. Pretty fun, right? Today’s tip is to bring some summertime ease in because I don’t want you to get all serious about these… and psych yourself out. So, take […]

3 Ways To Keep Some Sweet Summer in Your Frantic Fall (Tip #1)

Now, I’m all for living in the moment—but summer’s shift into fall can stir up a little sadness for me. Does it for you? The alarm goes off way too early on mornings that are so dark. The store displays fill with cozy sweaters and heavy raincoats. And you’ve got […]

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5 Ways to Reclaim Your Day (When it’s Gone Completely SOUTH)

Are you having one of those days where you’re so SCATTERED and have SO MUCH to do that you don’t get ANYTHING done? Ouch! I feel your pain! It’s not easy running a home and a business. You’ve got kids’ schedules, list-building and food prep; laundry and client calls; networking, […]