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10 Great Questions To Ask When You’re Procrastinating

Ugh! There’s not a lot that’s more frustrating than having a TON of things to do and procrastinating on that one damn, mucky, sticky task. Has this ever happened to you?

Maybe it’s writing your blog or making a sales call or looking at your numbers. You manage to watch five episodes of your Netflix obsession, get the dishes done, dust the bookshelf and brush the cat… but you can’t get any traction on that one thing you really have to get done. Then you feel guilty about wasting time and your self-esteem starts swirling down the shame drain.

You’re not alone! This is a common behavior, especially among entrepreneurs where you, alone, are accountable for your time each day.

The trick is to ask better questions. You might be saying, “OMG, how did I get into this mess again?” Or “Why am I such a loser?

Asking visionary questions instead is a super-fast way to reignite your productivity mojo.

So next time you’re in that old, familiar place of doing way more Facebooking than bookkeeping, here are 10 of my fave questions to pose:

  1. What’s most important about what I’m creating with my business?
  2. What is absolutely vital about this task?
  3. What is one small step I could take to move me in the right direction right now?
  4. Who do I need to be to do this?
  5. What would a super-successful person do with her time right now?
  6. How will I feel when my business is successful?
  7. How would the joyful, powerful, limitless me tackle this task?
  8. What core values of mine am I honoring by doing what it takes to build a successful biz?
  9. How will I feel when this task is done today?
  10. What will I do with that yummy extra time I have when this task is done?

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