Secrets of Successful Productivity #1


I’m a Productivity Coach because I like to sleep at night. I can’t stand tossing and turning with the anxiety of undone things.  I wasn’t born particularly organized or with some special gene to get things done. It’s just that I know what the paralysis of overwhelm feels like and I am passionate about helping you to NOT go through life that way.

I’ve navigated medical school, a medical practice, a million-dollar business, and a coaching business. I admit I accomplish a lot in a day. And, when I take a dose of my own medicine, I do it with ease, calm, and focus. Not only that—a whole lot more can happen in my life when I feel this way. I can take care of my business and have energy and time for other things that matter, too.

The Magic of the Mind-Dump

Each week I make my planning session a priority. I’m a big believer in the mind-dump, a fantastic productivity tool from David Allen.

Here’s a picture of a mind-dump I did recently to give you a sense of what’s on it.

I write down everything I have on my to-do list—I mean E-V-E-R-Y-THING: business, financial, household, health, family, etc. From thank-you cards I need to write and software I want to purchase to overdue invoicing and website copy that needs updating.

I then prioritize my big list, separating it into tasks I can do in a few minutes and ones that take longer. I note what needs to be done right away and what I can tackle later.

And what happens when I do this is my mind relaxes. I don’t worry about all I need to get done or wonder if I’m forgetting tasks—because they’re all written down. It has allowed me to get so much more done in my week—and sleep well at night.




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